Room 6 (Collaboration with Moira Gavin)

2004, 7 mins, Video.

Made as part of the ‘Hotel’ arts event in Bristol 7/8 May 2004.

A group of twelve artists/film makers occupied a hotel in Bristol over a weekend and exhibited work in situ. Each participant had a room to make and exhibit work related to ‘Hotel’. Room 6 was shot from underneath a bed looking at the different inhabitants of a single hotel room. The film was screened in the room it was filmed in.

Venue featured an article about ‘Hotel’ – May 2004.
Over 2.000 ‘guests’ came to visit the hotel see the artwork over the weekend. Responses were very positive, people enthused over the way the venue was used as an exhibition space, a sense of discovery as they explored the building finding artwork.

Photographs & Stills :

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