Lazy Eye

2003, 5’ 38”, Video.
Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.

A twisted fragment of 1960’s pebbledash suburbia, about a young girl who sees too much.

The idea for this film came from a memory of a wardrobe, a place for hanging clothes and for hiding. From this memory of a specific object/place I developed a fragmented narrative that slowly unfolds revealing a young girls emotional response to a difficult situation she finds herself in. The story is told from the young girls point of view, of how she came to be found hanging in her fathers oversized coat in her mothers wardrobe. The film explores feelings of being misunderstood and is set in 1960’s pebbledash suburbia where emotions are stifled.
The production of this film was made through a residency at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School (BOVTS) as part of a location drama programme for stage and television students. I had written an outline script beforehand but developed the dialogue through improvisation workshops I set up and recorded with acting students at BOVTS.

Winner HTV South West Award – Brief Encounters Short Film Festival 2003.
HTV – TX November 2003
Screened at the ‘Home Ideal’ arts exhibition at the Hotbath Gallery in Bath 2003
Rotterdam Film Festival – Bristol in Focus 2004 ,curator Mark Cosgrove, Watershed Media Centre.

Photographs & Stills :

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