Looking For Lantern Lane

2011, 7’53”
MillSpace Artist Fellowship Programme. PLAcE

MillSpace is a studio and exhibition area situated in an old Woolen mill (Armley Mills, West Leeds),which is now an industrial museum.
As part of my residency I investigated a location called Lantern Lane, which is an unofficial/unmarked pathway
that was used by mill workers from Armley town to the Woolen mills of Armley, Burley and Kirkstall.
I set up an event on 24th September 2011 inviting volunteers to meet before sunrise to walk this route.
This re-enactment/ re-imagining of the walk was filmed.

An exhibition of the film, photographs, process work and publication was held at MillSpace, Armley Mills Industrial Museum,
Leeds. 22 - 31 October 2011
Film and exhibition Windows 204 exhibition space Bristol January 7th 2012

Film Stills :

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